The Mixed-Reality game RealSnake is now available as multiplayer version!

RealSnake is a mixed reality game inspired by the arcade classic Snake. It's a funny outdoor game where the user controls the snake on the screen by its own movement in the real world. RealSnake is available for iPhone/iPad.

The aim is to earn points by collecting assets on the virtual match field. A difference to the old arcade classic is that the user does not control the snake on the screen by keystrokes, joystick nor other gestures on the iPhone/iPad. The user controls the snake by its own movement in the real world. RealSnake will translate the GPS-coordinates to the virtual match field on the screen.

In the new multiplayer mode it is possible that two players could play against each other. This could be done while they stand on the same playground or on two different locations. RealSnake translates automatically the coordinates of each player to the virtual playground.

System Requirements: iPhone or iPad (3G model) with iOS 3.2 or newer. RealSnake requires location service with GPS. For the multiplayer mode a Game Center account is necessary.